Vtruvian Massage Extra Pads Set

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Vtruvian Universal Massage Pads - 1 Large pair and 1 Jumbo size pair

Can be used for all of our tens unit massagers and the following tens unit brands: Palm Massager, Hi Dow XP, Hidow XPO, Massage Mouse, Ismart Massagers, Magic Massage, Mini Masseuse Massagers, Rhythym Touch Massagers and Pinook Mini Massagers.

▪               Replacement pads last approximately 2 months

▪               Deep, penetrating relief

▪               Attach easily to the V1 Massager

Tens Unit Massage Pads Maintenance and Care:
 Always remember to apply a few drops of water on the sticky surface of both pads before and after use
. To maintain the cleanliness of the massage pads, always apply a few drops of water and cover them with protective films after use
. Depending on usage, each pair of massage pads usually last for more than 2 months
. When the massage pads completely lose their adhesiveness, please purchase replacement pads.