Full Body Heating Pad Set

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THE FULL BODY SET - Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Heating Pads and Hand Warmers 

The Full Body set is the premier Helios product which is a classy box set of the best-selling Helios Relax neck & shoulder heating pads and a lower back pad with a waist-belt. This set allows a full body treatment that can treat your upper, mid or lower back or any other part of the body that you want to treat for stress, tension, pain or sore muscles. The perfect gift for the Holidays!

What’s included in the Full Body Set?

The Helios Lower Back Pad

The Lower back heating pad is the perfect solution for stressed back muscles, providing constant heat waves to the hard to reach inner group of muscles of the lower back. The pad can also be used for treatment of upper back muscles when placed across the upper back. The lower back pad is accompanied by a fitted lower back waist belt which holds the heating pad tight around the body and allows you to freely move while treating your body.
The belt has two sides – each provides different level of heat and is only available with Helios heating pads.
The first, made of fleece heats up to 90 degrees F, and the second, made of a net that allows maximum heat transfer at 130 degrees F. 

The Helios Shoulder Pad

The Helios Neck & Shoulder heating pad is designed to give comfort to the upper back muscles, reducing tension that builds up during the day in the lower neck and shoulder area. It comes with a shoulder pouch that is specially designed to fit the heating pad, increase heat time, and provide comfort to the upper back muscles.

2 Helios Pocket Warmers

Helios Heater Pocket Heat Packs ("Hand Warmers") are our bestselling products.
Lightweight and compact, stylish and in bright colors, they are a wonderful showcase for the innovative Helios Heater product range.
Helios Pocket Warmers have multiple-uses to keep your hands and body warm while outdoors or at home. 


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