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The Helios Heater heating pads are the ultimate heat solution for pain relief, reducing tension and keeping yourself warm while outdoors or at home. The incredible Helios Heater can be used over and over again. just Press a floating coin inside the heat pack and within seconds, you have a fully activated 130° heat pack.

Medical studies indicate that Hot Therapy is an effective pain relief solution that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. It has been in use for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance the natural recovery process. Heat therapy also increases blood flow, which relaxes sore muscles and provides soothing comfort.

  • The Heat Packs are all natural and reusable heating pads that use no electricity - so there is no danger of electricity next to the body. It stays warm for the amount of time most health care professionals recommend, between 20-120 minutes with different sizes. Because the pads cool off after that amount, there is no danger of falling asleep and getting burned.
  • They reach a maximum temperature of 130°F and WILL NOT burn anything.
  • They are portable. You don’t have to find electric outlets, worry about extension cords, or stay in one spot. A person can conveniently move around.
  • You can simply reactivate them in boiling water infinite times.
  • These pads conform to the shape of the body. Most heat pads and cold packs are rather rigid.
  • The technology is based on a simple and reusable sodium acetate (a type of salt) & water reaction.
  • You can use them day after day with ABSOLUTELY no waste.
  • The importance of utilizing green products in this economy has infinite positive qualities.

So Who Uses these Reusable Heat Packs?

Massage Therapists, Nursing Homes, Rescue Workers, Police Officers, Ski Resort Employees,
Mothers with babies, Children, Seniors, Athletes, Hospitals, Sports Therapists, Scuba Divers,
Snowmobiler's, Snowboarders, Skiers, Hikers, Mountaineers, Medical Personnel,
Postal Workers, Delivery Personnel, and people with certain medical conditions,
 and anyone requiring a heating/cooling solution.

Massage Therapy:

They are an excellent alternative to "Hot stones" because they provide instant heat when needed and there is no preheating required just before use. Another bonus is the fact they are boiled for reactivation which doubles as a sterilization technique.

Heat and cold Treatment and Therapy:

whenever and wherever heat or cold therapy is suggested, especially when working out on a daily basis and getting sore muscles all the time and light injuries once in a while. The pads will to make the healing process a lot easier. Use them cold in the first few days of the injury to reduce muscle spasm, swelling and treat acute pains. Then use them hot, which speeds the healing of the injured tissues. How many product's you know that can be used both hot AND cold with such efficiency?

Campers and Hikers:

Use the hot packs as portable hand/body warmers.
Throw a heat pack into your sleeping bag to preheat it.
Bring a couple during your summit of your favorite mountain.

Hunters and Fishermen:

They leave no powder residue and absolutely zero odor as other disposable heating pads and hand warmers stink.
They are very useful for those chilly days of ice fishing.

Sporting Events:

Stay warm at football, soccer, baseball, softball games, or whatever other sport you wish to attend!
They are wonderful to place inside a wetsuit because they are waterproof.
Wintertime golfers can keep their golf balls at a nice warm temperature.


We sell to numerous nursing homes and hospitals who use our product for therapy, muscle aches, and back problems.
Raynard's Phenomenon among many other disorders can benefit from the use of instant and reliable heat.
Many woman these heat packs can help easing the cramps associated with menstruation.                                         
Arthritis patients have found these packs to be extremely valuable to their condition.


It is especially effective for muscle relaxation, muscle aching, back aching, cramps, arthritis pain, joint pain, tenontodynia, tendinitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, lower back pains, middle back pains, upper back pains, cold leg syndrome and other types of wounds or disorders.

Home use:

Toss one or two under your blankets a few minutes before you retire for the evening to preheat your bed.


They will help to keep you warm during your travels. We all know how chilly those bus and airplane rides can be.
For those people living and working in large cities, these heat packs can make your wait for the bus or train much more enjoyable.


Don't forget to add one to your survival kit, they may save your life.
The heat pack can be useful in some first aid applications.

*Lifetime warranty - Any item purchased that has our logo will be replaced free of charge at the location of purchase.

Online items will be replaced at the cost of shipping only.

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