Here's a great article from written by one of out staff members on creative ways to use your heating pads.


There are many uses for heating pads. Heat therapy (and cold as well) has been used through out the ages as a remedy for back pain since heating pads are one of the most effective and economical solutions on back pains. But is it the only thing you can do with them? sooth pains and that's it?

Here are some new and creative ideas to do with your heating pad.

Things You'll Need:

  • A heating pad!
  1. How about a way to help your baby fall asleep without you getting up every 20 minutes during the night.. Take a warm heating pad, wrap it with your shirt (so that the baby would smell you and not the pad..), put it next to the baby (or under him if the pad is flat and comfy). The combination of heat and familiar smell will make him fall asleep fast almost always.. Of course this should never substitute attention and love, but at 4 a.m. you will love this great solution...

  2. For elderly people that suffer from chills and going into mini seizures using a heating pad can prevent or help those moments. Carrying an instant heat pad can really do wonders if a seizure starts. It will help to calm down the person, thus decreasing any danger for their live. Its a small and easy to implement tip that saved many lives already and increased the life quality of many elder men and women.

  3. When doing a massage, a heating pad can elevate the experience from good to unbelievable. First, keeping whoever gets the massage warm is a must, and if the environment is cold (such as a corporate event with cold rooms, or an outdoor event on a cold afternoon) well, to say it will help is an understatement.. Second, the small pocket size pads can replace the hot stones. activating is instant, recharge is by boiling them - which also makes sure its clean and hygienic for the next client.. so no need to carry stones with you and heat them with candles.
    Instant heating pad is an time and money saver for every massage therapist.

  4. Treating acne is no fun. Many use electrical devices for heating areas of their face, to speed the healing process. There are more ways to do it, like hot towel or hot water during the shower that is applied for several minutes, but their not as effective.. An instant heat small pocket pad can do the job not bad and you can carry it in your purse for emergencies. Its not the best, its the second best. But when outdoors, that's very practical.

Tips & Warnings
  • There are many types and sizes of heating pads, home made and professional. Please do your own research to make sure that the one your getting can accommodate your needs accordingly.
  • These tips are in no way to replace proper medical advice when its needed. Heating pads can benefit and increase your life quality, but always consult a physician for any condition necessary.

Here's a nice coverage that Channel 2 news did about us a year ago. I love the part in the end where the news guy says he could use it right now for his back and neck pains...
Funny thing is that each time they showed this one on tv, we got so many calls and orders.. we just love spreading our heating pads all over!

How to maintain the product
If the product is not being used frequently , we recommend storing it in its liquid form.
The Helios-Pads will activate on their own if they are frozen. If this occurs, the pad must be recharged before use.
To avoid this always store the pad where it will not freeze.

How to get more heat instantly
After you have clicked the heating pad and started to use it, you can get more heat instantly simply by squeezing and shaking the substance inside.
This idea is based on the simple kinesthetic principle of energy in motion equals heat!

How to get an instant double use with only one recharge
To use the heating pad twice with only one recharge, simply boil it before using it.
It will remain hot in its liquid form about an hour, and than you can click the coin for an additional hour and a half, or just put it aside and click it later on.
This way, you can use it twice during same day, on your way to work and back, with only one recharge!

How to use it cold

Place the pad in the refrigerator (not the freezer!) for at least one hour.
This will allow the pad to cool down. The pad will keep its cool for more time than any other water or herbal pack, because of the substances inside (water, salt and vinegar).


How to make the heat last longer
Warm the heating pad before you activate it by putting it in hot water.
Activating when its warm will significantly increase the heat lasting time.
Isolate it for the maximum time of use by wearing under your coat,
or wrapping it with a cloth or a towel.