Safety Instructions

The Helios Heating pad is a high quality and enjoyable product for all ages, but it is important to read and adhere to the safety instructions listed here:

  1. Inspect your Helios Heating pad often for cuts, tears or leaks. Do NOT use the product if you find one: if the hot liquid inside leaks out it can cause serious burns. If your heating pad is damaged in any way, contact Helios Heater immediately. Do not attempt self repairs.
  2. Keep away from small children when hot. Product may be used when lukewarm with young children but only under careful supervision. Do not bring the pad in direct contact with infants.
  3. Do NOT use the heating pad if you are running a fever, it will interfere with your temperature breaking.
  4. Helios Heating pads are NOT microwave safe. Do not put these products in a microwave. The only safe way to re-use the heating pad is to boil in water.
  5. Do NOT store product in freezer.
  6. Wait for a reasonable amount of time after boiling the heating pad as the product will be extremely hot to touch and can cause severe burns.
  7. Keep your heating pad burn and germ free. Boiling the pads will kill any germs but also remember to wash the isolation pouch frequently.
  8. Do NOT crush or fold the heating pad during use or storage.
  9. Do NOT use pins or fasteners to hold the heating pad in place, or in proximity with any object that may puncture or tear the heating pad.
  10. Do NOT use the heating pad on skin that is not sensitive to temperature changes.